Forgotten the doorplate?

by Heiko Calow

It is not unheard of that just before completion or implementation of a building single components for orientation systems on doors or for complete storey areas are required at short notice. By offering the quickest delivery times for standard-size signage systems, we guarantee expert installation of the equipment required in good time before the building is moved into.

Flexible paper signage or fixed labelling?

by Heiko Calow

Flexibility is paramount when it comes to making updatability of signage and orientation systems user-friendly. This renders easy handling possible.

It does not matter whether the labelling is flexible or fixed, mach.werk always operates with state-of-the-art equipment which ensures the best possible and, above all, prompt results.

Isn't that crooked?

by Heiko Calow

That depends! Not always does the horizontal installation of a sign correspond with the observer's impression of it being “level”. The mach.werk installation service makes sure that components installed in combination with each other become an integral part of the surrounding room or area. The eye of the beholder is more important to us than spirit level measurements.

Rome wasn't built in a day...

by Heiko Calow

… is definitely not our motto when it comes to quick, precise and neat installation. State-of-the-art tools and instruments as well as an individually defined and customised organisational structure ensure that your signage and wayfinding systems are installed in the most effective way. You will be surprised to see how much progress can be made in a day – thereby hardly noticing that we are there. After a day's work the site will be cleaner and tidier than before – this is mach.werk.